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Plethora – a very large amount or number;
an amount that is much greater than what is necessary

~ Merriam-Webster


According to Merriam-Webster, plethora means an amount that is much greater than what is necessary. According to many of my friends, a plethora of running items is just the right amount. Just for fun, and right after I counted my own running gear, I asked my MRTT friends how many of a variety of running items they own, and quite frankly I was pretty surprised at some of our answers.

I happen to own ten pairs of running shoes. I have one pair of trail shoes and two pair of running shoes currently in rotation. The other six pairs of running shoes are shoes that are too broken down for me to wear without causing knee pain, but look perfectly fine. I keep them because they feel fine to wear when I’m not running and I can use them for wearing around the house, training clients, gardening, etc. I also just happen to hang on to them for situations like today where I might need to take a picture of lots of running shoes. 😉

Without further ado, here are the recipients of today’s Preposterous “Plethora” Presentations:

Running Shoes
Julie for hanging on to 19 pairs of running shoes (she works at a running store) (edited)
Honorable mentions goes to Deb for owning 10 pairs of running shoes, and Katie and Sarah for owning 9 pairs each

Running Tanks
Katie for keeping cool with an unbelievable 70 tanks (yet Katie is borrowing a tank from me for the Army 10-Miler)
Honorable mention goes to Erin for stashing away 22 tanks

Running Shorts
Deb for having 21 pairs of running shorts 
Honorable mention goes to Erin for owning 20 pairs 

Running Capris
Katie for keeping not too hot and not too cold in 12 pairs of running capris

Running Jackets
Katie for rocking 6 running jackets
Honorable mention goes to Sarah for owning 5 running jackets

Sparkle Skirts
Katie for shining in 24 sparkle skirts
Honorable mentions goes to Misty for owning 23 and Erin for owning 17

Running Socks
Deb for owning 24 pairs of running socks (I only counted the ones in my current rotation)
Honorable mention goes to Erin for owning 21 pairs 

Running Gloves/Mittens
Deb for keeping her fingers warm with 6 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of mittens

Arm Sleeves
Erin for staying color coordinated and warm on cool morning with 6 pairs of arm sleeves

Ear Warmers
Ellen for keeping her ears from freezing with 14 ear warmers

Running Headbands
The plethora grand prize goes to Katie of BAMR Bands (a different Katie than above) for owning 95 headbands in her personal collection!

Honorable mention goes to Erin with 43 headbands


Katie’s Stash

I think there could be a future for my friends and me should we decide to stop running – we can open up a little shop and sell our plethora of running gear!


How do you stack up against the above award quantities?  What do you have a plethora of?


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