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Accomplish – to succeed in doing something
~ Merriam-Webster


I’ve always said that I have two switches – on and off. I can get more done in one day than many people can do in a week; and conversely, I can plop on the sofa and watch eight hours of college football or an HGTV marathon without a care in the world…

Most days my switch is on and in order to best accomplish what needs to be done, I start with a list. Before heading to bed at night, I make my to-do list for the following day. I jot down everything that needs to be done and try to write it in the order of when I can get each item accomplished.

I always write my list on a piece of paper rather than the notes section of my phone for two reasons. Firstly, notes I put on my phone are out of sight/out of mind; and secondly, if I pick up my phone, I’m tempted to check out Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, my emails, etc.

My typical to-do list might look like this. Yes, I even jot down my workouts, meals, and my shower, and you can bet that last week while packing for Ragnar DC every little task that needed to be done was put on one of about three lists I had going on!


If I’m unable to complete one of the tasks, I move it to the next day. I don’t beat myself up, I just promise myself I’ll get it done. And yes, occasionally an item will be moved to the next day for two weeks before I can finally check it off. When I think of something I need to do three days or a week down the road, I’ll pull out a new piece of paper, write that day at the top, and add the item before I forget about it.

I’ve narrowed down what I’ve found to work best for me into eight tips for how to accomplish more in less time:


And since this is a running blog, I thought it would be fun to mention a few accomplishments in my running career that I never dreamed about when I was younger. As a high school track runner, I ran the 400, 800, and a couple of relays because I couldn’t even imagine running a mile, or gasp – two miles.

Little did I know that one day I’d fall in love with distance and mid-distance running. Little did I know that my accomplishments would include running forty marathons, a 50-mile ultra, and five overnight relays. If you’d told me that back then I would have laughed, especially about running out in the middle of nowhere at 3 AM. Heck back then I was afraid of my own shadow!


What have you accomplished that you never dreamed possible?


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