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Wisdom – knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life
~ Merriam-Webster


I think that wisdom is more than knowledge gained by having many experiences in life, I think being wise is what you do with that knowledge…

As someone who has been a runner for the past forty-plus years and has a goal of running forever, I need to make wise decisions, especially now that I’m an older runner.

Had I been a wiser runner when in my forties, I might not have run so many junk miles. Whether in a training cycle or not, my Saturday morning runs consistently were of the sixteen to twenty mile variety. With my husband and several Cruisers at my side, we’d head out at daybreak every Saturday for what I fondly referred to as our party on the trail. 

My body was strong and the endurance my heart and lungs were capable of kept me wanting to push them harder. I could go forever if you just pointed me in the right direction, and as I reflect back on those years of consistently running fifty miles per week, I didn’t think of a single mile as a junk mile. Every mile was a gift and a joy to run – but was running all those miles wise?

I’ve spent a lot of time this summer reflecting on where I’m going with my running and if I’m going to be able to meet my goal of running forever. I guess the big question is, “How long is forever?” The average life expectancy of a female these days is eighty-one, so for me that’s roughly twenty-two more years of running. Can I do it? 

Perhaps if I make wise decisions…

Wise decisions will include listening to my body, giving it the rest it needs, and allowing extra time for recovery when necessary.

Wise decisions will include making every run count during my training cycles and allowing myself to have just have fun with easy runs between cycles.

Wise decisions will include cutting back on my mileage if needed.

Wise decisions will include continuing to focus on keeping my body as strong and flexible as possible through strength training, core work, and yoga.

Wise decisions will include nourishing my body with good food choices and ample hydration.    

Wise decisions will include getting enough sleep to give my body a chance to recover and repair after my workouts.

I might not have always made the best decisions with how hard I pushed myself when younger, but at the time it never seemed like too much.  Don’t wait like I did, look at the long term picture and start making wise decisions today.


What wise decisions can you make today in regards to your long-term health?


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