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Irritable – becoming angry or annoyed easily
~ Merriam-Webster


As Bill’s boss once said years ago, “Computers are the best make-work thing ever invented.” When they’re working, life is good; but when there’s a glitch, it can be downright irritating. 

Malfunctioning technology can annoy the heck out of me, but a couple of specific instances come to mind immediately. Remember my whole Fitbit (affiliate link) saga from earlier this summer? I replaced it after the glue holding the wrist strap to the device started coming apart when I ran in the rain. One not to throw away an item that otherwise still worked perfectly, I pulled out the Gorilla Glue and repaired my original tracking device. Once repaired to my high standards of looking fashionable with white glue oozing out of every seam, I continued to wear it for the next three months.

Enter last night… I decided that I couldn’t show up at the Club Industry Show in Chicago on Wednesday with that mess around my wrist and pulled out my new Fitbit. The longer I worked at getting that Fitbit to sync, the more irritable I became. This morning, as I sit at Washington Regan National Airport wrapping up this post, my Fitbit is still telling me that it’s “connecting to tracker.” If I lose those 10,000 steps I took this morning before 6:30 AM, I will become extremely irritable – I’m in a Workweek Hustle, don’t you know!

(Added Tuesday evening) Well how about that? Just about twenty-four hours and about six tries later, my new Fitbit charge is now synced with the app on my phone. I have absolutely no idea why it wasn’t working because it seemed like I did the exact same thing every time. We’ll mark it up to operator error –  just because!

While I’m whining about things that make me become irritable… The email notifications to my blog subscribers no longer seem to be working. A couple of my friends brought the problem to my attention when they stopped getting email notifications of my new posts and assumed that I hadn’t posted anything to my blog in the past few weeks. I’m self-hosted with WordPress and have yet to figure out what’s wrong. I suspect that the glitch occurred when I updated WordPress a few weeks ago. Fellow bloggers, if you have any advice, please comment below! 

These are but two examples of how this generally happy runner girl becomes irritable, but you know what? I’ve figured out the perfect cure for irritability – I go for a run!


What makes you irritable? 

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