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To cause one to have or receive;
To enter wholeheartedly into an activity
~ Merriam-Webster


Of the twenty-one definitions of give, I settled on “to cause one to have or receive” and “to enter wholeheartedly into an activity” because together, those two definitions describe my life-long relationship with running.

Running has given me a joy I never dreamt possible the first time I laced up running shoes. I was an eighth grader when a couple of my friends and I talked our physical education teacher into forming a girls track team. My little high school of about 360 students (grades seven through twelve, mind you) had only two girl’s sports – basketball and cheerleading and we thought a girls track team was in order.

During my years of running track I discovered not only a love for running, but a love for being part of a team and a team leader. As part of two relay teams, track wasn’t just an individual sport for me, but an opportunity to be a part of something bigger – a chance to be one of a group of girls with similar interests.

Perhaps I’m the only one from that little track team in the valley to have made a career out of her love for running. Perhaps I’m the only one who even still runs. If so, I’m sad for what they’re missing.

Over the years, I’ve given running my all. I’ve trained hard, I’ve logged long miles, and I’ve pushed myself hard during countless laps around the track. Yes, I’ve given training my all, but that’s small in comparison to what running has given me. I’ve coached runners to their first 5K, their first marathon, and even their first Boston qualifier; and it’s the relationships with those runners and others I’ve met along the way that has given me the most from my sport…

It’s being a part of two running groups and the numerous close relationships I’ve made as a result…

It’s being able to write about running and finding a community online who share my passion…

It’s bumping into old friends or making new friends at races…

It’s the ability to give back to my sport through volunteering…

I’m glad back in the eight grade that I gave running a shot. It’s truly given me a lifetime of enjoyment!


What hobby or activity have you given your all, and what did you receive in return? 


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