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To engage as a participant
~ Merriam-Webster

My involvement with our local Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) chapter has been an unexpected blessing. When my good friend and fellow Cruiser, Amanda, started running with another running group, I kidded her about two-timing our running friends. When Amanda asked if I wanted to join her for a run with her new MRTT friends, I though, “Why not!”

Little did I know on that cold and dark morning three years ago while running on the icy gravel trail that I’d soon become very involved with the very same group of running friends Amanda so enjoyed. Since that day, I’ve maintained my involvement with the Cruisers as president and chief volunteer; however, I’ve also added volunteer responsibilities with our MRTT chapter. Since joining I’ve helped out whenever needed and remain the person behind our Twitter and Instagram accounts – shhhh don’t tell anyone it’s me! 😉

Perhaps it’s not true for everyone, but I find for anything I do, the satisfaction I get back is directly correlated to my time invested; and my consistent commitment and involvement in my two running groups has paid me back immensely. 

It’s not just been running connections that I’ve made with like-minded people, but it’s been something much deeper. I’ve become close friends with some of the wonderful people I’ve met in both groups. Whether it’s meeting for a run, grabbing a quick bite to eat, or getting together for a social event, my time with these friends is always well spent. I’m always learning from them and hope that they feel the same way about their time with me.

The same can certainly be said of my involvement with my ever-growing blogging friends (I’m looking at you, Wednesday Word readers and linker-uppers). The time I spend connecting while reading other bloggers’ posts and replying to comments on my own posts, keeps me connected to a whole new group of running friends I never dreamed possible. 

Yes, my willingness to invest my time and become involved makes my life better and brings me satisfaction!


In what are you involved and does it give you satisfaction? 


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