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Quick and light in motion;
Marked by quick, alert, clever conception,
comprehension, or resourcefulness
~ Merriam-Webster

Once I’d mastered the marathon, friends asked if a triathlon was next on my horizon. Apparently they didn’t know me very well…

When I was younger (in my forties), I always said that you could point me in a direction and I could run forever. I had amazing cardiovascular endurance and ran many of my marathons at a pretty decent clip. Even though I didn’t really regard myself as such, I suppose you could say I was nimble. Perhaps I really did look like the runner on the top of this meme, even though my self-deprecation style of humor has me thinking I looked more like the little girl on the bottom.  😉

Sooo, I’ll admit that I was a nimble runner. I’ll even allow that I’m still pretty nimble when out on the running trail, but…


Ask me to swim the length of the pool, and I will clumsily fight the water every stoke of the way.

Suggest that I bike, and I will awkwardly spend most of my time in the wrong gear trying to figure out why I’m working so hard, yet going so slowly.

Put me in an aerobics class, and I will lumber around until I accidentally backhand a neighbor.

Ask me to dance, and I will look as stiff as the Tin Man – with two left feet.

Watch me do a yoga routine, and you will see me slowly and creakily transition from pose to pose while using blocks to make up for my lack of flexibility.


But at least I try… I may not be overly nimble and skillful when doing these other sports, but at least I try…


Do you consider yourself nimble? 


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