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Achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor
against odds or difficulties
~ Merriam-Webster



In January 2015, I wrote about working my way back from an injury where I stated, “Injury makes the comeback sweeter.” Apparently that resonated with a lot of people because it’s become one of my most popular pins on Pinterest. What better way to realize a victory than with a successful comeback after the defeat of a sidelining injury.


Perhaps injury is on my mind due to my recent setback and that’s why I’m focusing on finding victory after an injury; or perhaps it’s because injury is such a common thread with us runners. Whatever the case, going into a successful training cycle after an injury is a joyous thing to behold and quite the victory.


Most of us mere running mortals don’t know the victory of breaking the tape at a race, but we do know victory in many other forms if we just stop to recognize those victories, no matter how small…

  • Victories Everyday Runners Can Embrace:
  • Coming back from injury
  • Snagging that elusive PR
  • Becoming a morning person so you can meet your friends for runs before work
  • Completing a run between thunderstorms
  • Finding your favorite discontinued running shoes on sale for 50% off
  • Coming back from another injury
  • Receiving an email that you were picked in the lottery for your dream marathon
  • Finally pulling your over-cut hair into a ponytail
  • Seeing a friend on the trail who perks you up when your run is feeling really tough
  • Enjoying a fantastic run after a few days of not-so-great runs
  • Successfully registering for a race that fills up in an hour
  • Finding a running friend when you move to a new town
  • Coming back from yet another injury


What are some of your everyday victories? 


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