~ Runfessions ~
A collection of statements admitting
that one is guilty of a variety of running crimes…


I runfess:  I got so busy this afternoon working on a huge home project that I completely forgot I’d set my Runfessions to post at 8 PM. Thinking that it was set to post at 9 PM, I pulled out my laptop to wrap up my post only to see that it was too late and Runfessions had posted ten minutes earlier. 🙁  I quickly pulled it back down leaving my readers to a 404 Not Found Error if they clicked on their email generated link. For that, I’m sorry! 


I runfess:  As I mentioned on my Race Linkup on Monday, I’m in full planning mode for my big 60th birthday weekend on the Outer Banks and I’m so excited. My Cruiser and MRTT girlfriends and I will be running in one or two of the many races in the OBX Marathon Race Series. My heart desperately wants to run the full marathon, but my brain is reminding it that my spine and sciatic nerve could get very angry if I tried. I’m nervous about being jealous that I can’t run the full if my friends do, but I will put on my granny panties and deal with it. Who am I kidding, I’ve never worn granny panties – I wear bikinis or thongs.


I runfess:  Just in case my heart wins and I do run the full, I just looked up my 2018 BQ time for a 60-year old female and it’s 4:25:00…


I runfess:  I have been so sloppy with my eating this week. What’s with that? I’ve craved sweets and have snacked after dinner – two things that can derail anyone’s healthy eating habits. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a sweet tooth a mile long, but I can usually rein that bad boy in. And snacking after dinner? I rarely do that! Why am I all of the sudden so out of control? I think it’s time for MyFitnessPal to become my best bud for a few weeks…


I runfess:  My incredibly cool muscle capris that I mentioned on last month’s Runfessions arrived from Amazon on Tuesday. I plan to wear them on runs and embarrass certain friends who prefer sparkle skirts. By the way, “Do you think these capris make my Glutes look big?” How about those defined quads?  😀


Ahhh yes, it feels good to get another set of runfessions off of my chest. See you next month in the runfessional.


  • Questions:
  • Ladies: do you wear granny panties, bikinis, or thongs?
  • What do you think of my new capris? 
  • What are your runfessions?




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