As I stumbled sleepy-eyed into my bathroom at 4:30 AM on Tuesday morning I noticed that I had a text from my first client of the day. Once I saw that she was canceling her appointment, I made a u-turn and grabbed another hour of shut-eye.

Heading out for my run around 6:15 AM meant that I would be running in daylight for the entire time and that I should take my GoPro. Bill joined me on his bike and we headed to a nearby pond to see if we could catch a decent sunrise. We were about 15 minutes late, but still took a few minutes to capture fun pictures before heading on for our run/bike ride at our own paces. All of my body parts seemed to be cooperating so I ran seven miles, the longest since January, just before my injury. 


Thursday morning I skipped meeting my friends again and headed out to repeat Tuesday’s route in reverse – the same client had canceled Thursday’s appointment as well, so I once again had an extra hour to catch some z’s. The temperature had warmed up a bit, but the sky was dreary with a threat of rain. 

As I’ve mentioned before, my GoPro doesn’t function as well in lower lighting (or I’m clueless on how to set it for such), so my movement is blurry and it looks like I’m running really fast. Trust me, I wasn’t!


As I circled on around the pond, I almost stepped on a pigeon, or so I though. I usually run without wearing my contacts so when I caught this little guy out of the corner of my eye as my foot fell right beside him, I misjudged what kind of bird it was. After I stopped and turned for a closer look, I realized that it wasn’t a pigeon at all. He was puffed up, which I later learned from my friend Rachel, meant that he was cold.


He was very friendly and hopped up on my shoe, but wouldn’t take the bait and hop on my extended finger. Having zero clue on what to do with a little lost bird I found while out on a run a mile from my house and whether or not I could just pick him up by the body without hurting him (he jumped every time I touched his back), I took pictures and sent them to our HOA hoping they could find the owner.  Later in the morning, I met Rachel at the pond to see if we could find him, but with no luck. Hopefully his family had found him, or someone else with bird experience came along and rescued him.


Earlier this week I thought about signing up for a Mother’s Day 4-Miler. Bill said he’d be happy to go with me and take pictures around the lake while I ran, but before I got a chance to sign up, I got a text from Erin asking if I wanted to run on Saturday morning. When I told her I was considering racing, she wrote, “Running with me is so much more fun though!!!” 

Since our schedules never seem to match any more, FOMO set in and I knew that I had to take Erin up on her offer. Yes, sometimes friend FOMO outweighs race FOMO! I also took her up on her offer to meet me at my house and run on our community trails. On our return, we met Bill heading out on his ride and stopped long enough for a quick picture.

Photo credit: Erin

And finally, Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mama friends out there! I had a nice long phone call this morning from our oldest son who lives in Chicago. Our youngest son is coming over this afternoon to grill out and since it’s MD, I’m going to suggest we walk to get some froyo! And, I even had a surprise visit with a little gift this morning from Erin and her little son M who steals my heart every time I see him!

In case you missed it, on Tuesday I wrote a letter to myself, Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me / Dear Future Me, about my decades of rather irresponsible tanning habits.

Here’s how the rest of  my workouts went down this past week…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • What have you found while running? 
  • Moms, what are your Mother’s Day planes?
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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