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An act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle;
A sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique
~ Merriam-Webster


Perhaps I’ve finally had a breakthrough with this injury that was plaguing me during late-February and then again in April… At the moment, knock on wood, I’m feeling pretty good. My training cycle for the OBX Half Marathon is in its second week and things are moving along smoothly – so far. 

As our bodies age we seem to be much more susceptible to injuries than our younger selves. Years of running 50-mile weeks rarely had me sidelined due to an injury, but let me step the least bit oddly today, and I’ll be on injured reserve for a couple of weeks. 

My spring breakthrough past those back to back injuries happened as a result of me listening to my body and letting it dictate my return to running. Once back on the running trail I ran solo for a couple of months so I wouldn’t be tempted to push too hard to keep up with my friends.

As we age, overtraining becomes an even greater issue and for someone like me who likes to push to the max when it comes to running, it’s a hard lesson to learn. Rest becomes crucial and if you’ve read my blog for very long, you know that I have a difficult time getting enough sleep.  

So whether you’re coming back from an injury or have reached a stagnant plateau, try these tips to aid in a breakthrough in training: 

  • Get sufficient rest (sleep) to aid in muscle recovery
  • Up your nutrition game to fuel your hard working body
  • Work toward maintaining your ideal weight
  • Add weight training to your routine to strengthen your entire body with emphasis on your core
  • Train during the summer, but race during the fall’s cooler temperature
  • Cross-train to challenge your cardio system while giving your running muscles a rest
  • Seek professional help as necessary – massage therapists, sports medicine doctors, etc. 


What recent breakthroughs have you experienced? 


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