~ Runfessions ~
A collection of statements admitting
that one is guilty of a variety of running crimes…


I runfess:
  I ran the Lighthouse 5K yesterday morning here on the Outer Banks and had a horrible night’s sleep the night before. I was a nervous wreck even though it was a low-keyed, fun vacation race. I rarely get nervous before races, so it makes absolutely no sense that I was so uptight. My Fitbit says that out of my 5 hours 17 minutes sleep, I was awake/restless 34 minutes. The race turned out great and I hope to have the recap up tomorrow.


I runfess:  I love my new Brooks Glycerine 15 (affiliate link) but was very hesitant to wear them on the beach and get sand in them. I loath getting sand on me unless I can immediately wash it off and I hate getting sand on anything that will make a mess long term. I know, odd feelings for someone who owns a family beach house and loves vacationing on the Outer Banks… 

Anyway, my new Brooks are so comfortable that I really wanted to wear them while running at the beach so I brought them with me, but just haven’t been able to bring myself to put them on. Soooo, I’m back to wearing my 14’s even though they have way too many miles on them. 


I runfess:  A couple of weeks ago I had the first of my clients scheduled on a Thursday morning starting at 6:30 AM and couldn’t meet my running friends on the trail at 5:30 per usual for our tempo run. The afternoon before, I needed to pick up my SUV from its oil change so it seemed like a great idea to run to the dealer. It’s exactly 6 miles from my house to the dealer if I stay on the running trails so I decided to follow my training plan and run there. My plan for the next day called for a six-mile tempo run with a two mile warm-up, three miles at tempo pace, and a one mile cool-down. Perfect!

I failed to take into consideration that I have been running most of the summer at 5:30 AM when the temperature is in the mid to high 60°’s, not mid-afternoon when it’s 85-95° and sunny. I struggled through the run, somehow managed to hit my target paces, picked up my car, and drove home. Once home, I started getting nauseous and felt miserable until the following morning. Too late, I determined that I was extremely dehydrated and probably had an electrolyte imbalance. The next morning I took a Gatorade to the gym with me and by the time I had finished it I was starting to feel normal again. 


I runfess:  I LOVE my new Garmin Forerunner 230 (affiliate link), but have yet to figure out all of its features, even with spare time while on vacation this week. I just might be a tad bit technologically challenged at times.


I runfess:  I was eating everything in sight for a while and couldn’t quite figure out why. I decided that it was the extra work (speed and distance) I was putting in with the OBX Half training cycle and long bike rides on Sundays. I’ve finally leveled off and I’m back to my normal eating habits, even while vacationing. Well, except for the late afternoon cocktails… 


I runfess:  For the next three entries, I should say, “I bikefess…”


I runfess:  I went on a 50-mile bike ride a few weeks ago and continue to shake my head at what the Deb from ten years ago would think!


I runfess:  While on said bike ride, another rider passed me and shouted, “Raise your seat and it will be a lot easier!” I had already raised my seat once since my purchase, but felt I needed it low enough for my toes to touch the ground when I stopped. Once home, Bill and I decided to raise the seat about two inches, and guess what, I don’t fall when I stop AND it’s so much easier to ride! I’m able to cruise along in much higher gears with far less effort.


I runfess:  I ride in running shorts that look like bike tights, just a little shorter. They don’t have a padded bottom, but so far I haven’t gotten sore even on my skinny saddle which amazes me. I do, however; have a weird friction thing that happens when my shorts ride up and either my upper leg or the gripe-like stuff that holds the legs in place hits the saddle. The first time it happened I thought I’d ridden through a swarm of tiny bees that were stinging me. I’ve learned to pull my shorts legs down whenever I stop and will probably buy slightly longer bike shorts when I find some I like.


Ahhh yes, it feels good to get another set of runfessions off of my chest. See you next month in the runfessional.


  • Questions:
  • Sand – love it or hate it?
  • Would you wear your brand new shoes while running in the sand?
  • Do you have a Garmin Forerunner 230? If so, can you help me figure out how to turn off some of my smart notifications without turning them all off? 
  • What are your runfessions?




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