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Pleased and satisfied

~ Merriam-Webster


Maturity certainly has played a role in making me a more content person. Today I find that being content has less to do with things and more to do with experiences and how I view my world. I’m not sure exactly when it happened – perhaps it was around the time I became more comfortable in my skin, but each of the following things have allowed me to get to the point of living a life of contentment, and I hope they’ll resonate with you, too…


  • Do what you love – On several recent occasions I’ve heard myself say to my clients or to someone about my job, “This is why I do what I do.” From working with clients looking to live a healthier lifestyle, to those trying to lose weight, to those living with chronic health issues, helping my clients is truly a labor of love, leaving me quite content.


  • Be appreciative – Don’t assume that people know how you feel about something they’ve done for you. Show them with kind words that show your gratitude and pleasure. The simple act of expressing those feelings will in turn, give you a feeling of contentment.


  • Surround yourself with things you like – Some of the things that I do treasure would have absolutely no meaning to anyone else. From the tiny pie plate that my grandfather and I used to make sample cookies when I was little, to my silly Sissy plant (a gift from a friend), these items of little material value never fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I see them.


  • Be grateful for all you have – Realize that you are blessed with a warm home to protect you from the elements, nutritional food to eat, that you’re healthy, and that you have loved ones in your life. Counting your blessings will keep you from wanting more, making for a happy, content life.


  • Find time to pamper yourself – An often overlooked component for me, I do have a sense of satisfaction with a fresh manicure; and know for my friends, how happy a relaxing facial or massage makes them feel.


  • Don’t compare yourself to others – Theodore Roosevelt’s quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” certainly holds true when trying to live a content life. Honoring yourself and your own unique qualities will leave you satisfied.


  • Give of yourself – Share your talents with others. Volunteer at your church or the local homeless shelter. Find something you’re passionate about and share your knowledge through coaching or tutoring.


  • Take care of your health – Exercise, eat well, meditate; in other words, do things that will make you feel better because it’s hard to be content when you don’t feel your best. Finding time to be quiet and reflect over your blessings pulls it all together. Allow your mind to wander before falling asleep – reflect, consciously relax your muscles, pray – do what allows you to be at ease and content.


Are you content? How do you find contentment? 


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