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Heedless of the consequences;
Lacking restraint and discernment

~ Merriam-Webster


At first I thought, “As runners, we are not a very brash group,” but then I remembered how things change when we hit the later miles in our long training runs. The Cruisers have a rule, no foul language until mile 17, but at that point f-bombs are forgiven. Screaming at rude bikers; however, is permitted at any time.

What’s acceptable to us, might seem brash to another, so perhaps that mile marker should be moved up to the starting line. A non-runner listening in on a conversation between two runners might shake his head in amazement. Nothing seems off limits between runners, especially while running. It doesn’t even seem all that personal when comparing notes about normally private things like whether or not you pooped that morning because if you didn’t, your running partner is probably going to know about it later when you make a mad dash behind a tree and leave her on the lookout.

The following rather brash Instagram post made my family consider an intervention. A lady, I’m not; at least not always. I can dress up and carry myself through a cocktail party or business dinner with the best of them, but I’m most comfortable with second grade potty humor. Perhaps that’s why I might come across as a little brash to people when I use runner speak.


What is runner speak? Runner speak is a brash way of talking about things the average person might pretend don’t happen. As runners, these issues can’t be overlooked; and therefore, become part of our everyday conversation. For example…


Runner’s Speak: I pooped and it was impressive! I’m good to go!

Translation: I went to the bath room and did, you know, number two. Hopefully, I’ll make it through the race without embarrassing myself. Can we change the subject?


Runner’s Speak: No need to carry a tissue, I’ll blow a snot rocket.

Translation: I’m a vulgar human being and rather than using a tissue, I’ll put one finger on the side of my nose and blow the contents of my sinuses onto the running trail without missing a stride. Hopefully, if you’re lucky, I’ll miss hitting your leg.


Runner’s Speak: Holy heck, I bet you could hear me screaming three miles away when I showered and the water hit my a$$ after our long run on Saturday.

Translation: Deep down inside my sweaty, steamy running shorts the flesh on my poor little butt cheeks rubbed together for three hours until there was no skin left. When the shower water hit those raw spots, I was reduced to bawling like a baby.


Runner’s Speak: Bloody nipples are a sign of toughness (Note: fortunately this is a guy thing).

Translation: I hope the blood stains running down my shirt impress you because I forgot to put nip-guards on this morning, and even though it hurts like hell, I’m going to pretend it doesn’t.


Runner’s Speak: Wow, look at my gnarled up toes, those two black toenails, that missing toenail, and how a fungus has infected three other toenails!

Translation: Look at my runner’s feet.


What would non-runners think about your brash runner speak? 


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