For my own ease in stepping back and reminiscing about our vacation in Wyoming and Utah earlier this summer, I’ve pulled together all ten days worth of recaps into one tidy little spot. I hope you’ll find this useful if you’re considering planning a Grand Teton area or Southern Utah vacation. Just click on the blue subheading to read more about that particular excursion…


Jackson Hole Hideout:  The Perfect Place To Stay For The Grand Teton Half Marathon

Nestled in the woods on Heck of a Hill Road in Wilson, Wyoming, the Jackson Hole Hideout was the perfect location to stay for our race getaway. Innkeepers Greg and Beth made us feel right at home and provided a wealth of knowledge about local dining, hiking, and areas of interest. The Grand Teton Half Marathon was the first thing on our itinerary, and the Jackson Hole Hideout was a great jumping off point just up the road from the race start at Stilson Lot on Moose Wilson Road.


2018 Grand Teton Half Marathon Race Recap

The Grand Teton Half proved to be a just as beautiful as promised, and views of the Grand Tetons during the race made up for the difficulties of high altitude running!


A Phelps Lake Hike And A Million Dollar Excuse For Going So Slowly

Just a few short hours after completing the Grand Teton Half Marathon, my husband convinced me that in order to make the most out of our vacation, a Phelps Lake hike was in order and there was no time like the present. I, on the other hand, thought a shower and a long afternoon nap would be the perfect way to relax and celebrate running a great race…


A Deer Valley Hike And Self-Guided Tour Of The Winter Olympics Training Facilities

When planning our trip to Wyoming and Utah, we had specific items on our agenda; obviously running in the Grand Teton Half was top on my list, but hiking in the Grand Tetons, visiting some of the southern Utah national and state parks, and seeing our friends was also part of the plan. A Deer Valley hike wasn’t initially on our radar, but we’re glad our friends suggested it.


Hiking In Arches National Park In Southern Utah

It’s hard to find a desert more beautiful and majestic, than Arches National Park located on the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah’s Moab. The park’s 76,679 acres has wide expanses of open red desert dotted with scrub brush and cacti which are occasionally interrupted with spectacular sandstone arches formed by millions of years of erosion. Hiking trails marked with cairns take visitors off the road to explore some of Arches most prized features in the high desert.


Exploring Canyonlands National Park In Southern Utah

Designated as one of the Mighty Five in Southern Utah, Canyonlands is 337,598 acres of breathtaking canyons, buttes, mesas, and arches. Canyonlands National Park is divided into four districts: Island in the Sky, The Maze, The Needles, and The River (Colorado and Green). On our most recent visit we spent a day in Island in the Sky, the district closest to our home base in Moab.


Scouting Out Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park is a beautiful state park in Southern Utah just 32 miles from Moab. The park has spectacular views of the Colorado River winding its way below the mesa. We had an ulterior motive for visiting during the day because we planned to return again at sunset. We wanted to search out the perfect view so we could be perched and ready for the sun to set!


Sunset At Dead Horse Point State Park And Our Delightful Encounter With  Kamran On Bike

I’m so glad we made the decision to visit the park during the daylight hours and at sunset. Watching the colors change across the desert as the sun lowered in the sky was a beautiful sight. Getting to meet Kamran and learn about his adventures was a bonus to a perfect day!


Mountain Biking With Sylvie

Mountain biking in Moab was high on our bucket list when we started planning our Southern Utah vacation; and Moab, the mountain biking capital of North American, was the perfect to give the sport a try!


We had a fantastic time and can’t wait until our next trip back out west. The toughest decision will be whether to return for additional exploring in an area we both love or to visit an entirely new area of our beautiful country.


  • Questions:
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  • Any locations to which you’ve traveled, but would never return?