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Let The Crazies Begin

I feel like every year when my birthday rolls around it’s the signal for the crazies to begin. We jump right from my birthday to Thanksgiving, to decorating for Christmas, to going to my mom’s house to help her decorate for Christmas, to Christmas parties, to Christmas itself, to New Year’s Eve, to taking down all the Christmas decorations; and then we come up for air… But guess what? I’m energized by being super busy!

The festivities officially started on Wednesday evening when Bill and I went to Bonefish for my birthday dinner. The following evening, my running friends and I met to celebrate our birthdays together. Four of the five of us have November birthdays and the other has a mid-October birthday. What are the odds?


So How’d My Birthday Go?

Forget a spa day, that’s not my style. Let’s just say that even though I have my nails done every two weeks, I don’t enjoy the process, nor do I enjoy having my hair done, etc. And a massage or facial? Please, no.

Work wise, Wednesday was a light day (it’s normally my lightest day of the week anyway). I started the day with a run simply because the weather forecast called for sleet and then snow on Thursday morning, my usual running day. Since I was running, I decided to run 6.1 miles in honor of my 61st birthday. After my run, I hopped on my spin bike (affiliate link) for 6.1 miles, then lifted, did a quick yoga for runners routine, and finished up with some foam rolling. You’re only as old as you feel, right?

With our first storm of the season looming, I had to wrap up the last of my outdoor winterization projects, something I hadn’t quite finished on Sunday, but hadn’t planned to do on my birthday. I covered both sets of patio furniture, no easy task when it’s breezy. 😉 And once Bill got home from work, he helped me carry our swing into the garden shed. Whew!



I ran three times this week, two runs were at zero-dark-thirty with Tuesday’s being in a light rain. Saturday’s run started out solo, but I ran into a fellow MRTT friend I’d never run with before and we finished up our last couple of miles together. As you can see, the remnants of Thursday’s snow were still on the ground.



As I mentioned, I had a short ride to celebrate my birthday on Wednesday. Also, worthy of mentioning, Bill totally surprised me with a Bike Garmin (affiliate link) for my birthday!


Weight Training

I got in three solid weight training sessions, without anything newsworthy happening…



Remember last week when I commented about what a great view I have while doing yoga, and remember the snow that I said we got on Thursday? Well, this was my view during Thursday’s yoga session.



I spent three hours on Sunday and another hour on Wednesday pretty much wrapping up my winterization. Finally, my garden shed is filled, protecting its contents from the winter elements.


A Regular Visitor

And finally, our little sidekick is back with us for a week while Daniel and Jess enjoy a week in Ireland with Jess’ family.


In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…

Looking ahead to this coming week…

  • On Thursday, I’ll be posting my annual note of Thanksgiving.


In addition to the runs I mentioned above, here’s a complete run-down of my workouts from this past week (completed mostly in our home gym)…


  • Questions:
  • Have you gotten any snow yet this fall?
  • Do you allow yourself to get overworked or overstressed during the holidays? ~ I usually pace myself pretty well, but as I mentioned earlier, I thrive on being busy!
  • Did you race this weekend?


And that’s a wrap… Have a great week!


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