Disclaimer:  I received the following coaster from Kudos for free in exchange for posting pictures on Instagram. I think it’s pretty cool so I decided to also share some pictures on my blog. All opinions are my own…


My Kudos coaster arrived in a tidy little box, perfect for wrapping for gift giving. Because it had been pitched to me as a coaster for displaying finisher medals, I was happy to read that it’s also great for displaying other treasures, something I might not have thought of on my own.


The coaster is made of a solid weighted base and clear plastic cover. Inside are six foam backgrounds to choose from – white, black, gray, blue, yellow, and red. The thickness of your treasure will determine how many backgrounds you should leave in the coaster to create padding. Be sure to leave enough padding to keep your treasure from sliding around when you put on the top and move the coaster from place to place.


Once I opened the coaster, I immediately headed to my medal rack in our basement to try a few medals on for size. I selected the yellow foam background for my very first marathon medal, the 1997 Marine Corps Marathon. I loved the way it looked and the scale was pretty good.


Next I grabbed the medal from the last Marine Corps Marathon I ran in 2009, but that medal was too large to fit within the coaster. With medals getting larger and larger, I could see this being a problem for displaying medals from many of the current races.


The scale of my 2010 Boston Marathon was perfect and I decided the white background gave it the best pop.


I tried several of my other medals, but in the end I decided that I didn’t want to take them down from my display rack. I happened to remember that I had some of my age group place medals stowed away in a drawer and fished out this 5K award from one of my Sunrise 5K’s.


Since I wanted to show the coaster with other treasures, I pulled out a seahorse and starfish from my beach finds and placed them on the blue background.


But when it came down to making a final decision on what to put in my coaster before closing the lid, I opted for the age group medal because it fits best with our sports themed basement. Of course, I can open it up and change it anytime I want!




  • Questions:
  • What do you do with your race medals?
  • Do you have more of the current huge medals or older small ones?
  • Do you collect seashells?