Short and Sweet

No, I’m not talking about me; although, I have lost 1.5 inches in height from my younger days… Could it be all that pounding on the pavement while running thousands of miles over my lifetime? Probably…

What’s short and sweet are the activities in this week’s RunDown. I really don’t have a lot of workouts to talk about and for a bummer of a reason.


Here We Go Again

I sort of re-injured myself…

As I mentioned last week, I’d just had a fantastic run on Saturday morning. The temperature was delightful, we had a beautiful sunrise, and I felt strong. So strong, in fact, that I ran faster than I’ve run since my Thanksgiving Day turkey trot way back in November. On Saturday’s run, I didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard and certainly no where nearly as hard as if I were racing.

While running those glorious six miles, I had visions of a fun second half of the year with a busy race calendar. Deb was back!

Sunday morning; however, I was singing a different tune. I awoke with a searing pain in my right SI joint. I’d just gotten over a lesser version of the very same pain only a week or so earlier. I’d taken a week off and felt fine when I returned to running. Saturday’s run was the third of my comeback week and at no point during any of those runs did I question that I’d returned to the running trail too soon.


Bad News, Good News

I was able to get an appointment with a new-to-me chiropractor on Monday afternoon. I tried to get an appointment with my usual sports medicine chiro who my MRTT friends fondly refer to as the Miracle Worker, but he couldn’t see me until Thursday afternoon. I texted my neighbor Misty who’s a chiro and she was able to fit me in on Monday and Wednesday.

Misty’s diagnoses was all too familiar, something I’d worked through a few times previously with my other chiro and what had been bothering me to a lesser extent two weeks earlier after we left the beach. My left SI joint tends to freeze and while taking on the burden of doing all the work of supporting my body, my right SI joint gets very angry and inflamed. I’d be angry too if my partner in crime didn’t do his half of the work.

During our two sessions, Misty put me through the works with a combination of traction, electrical stimulation with heat, roller massage, and some manual manipulation. Every thing felt so good and that combined with Advil had me feeling almost back to normal by Thursday.

The good news is during my examination, Misty said that my spine where I was injured during the winter felt healthy. Fortunately, unlike my spinal injury, this injury usually feels better within a week and even though this flareup seemed worse than previously, I’m feeling better every day!


Let the Fun Times Roll

Be sure to check out my Instagram this week. We’re back in the Southern Utah desert for a week of hiking and exploring some of our beautiful National Parks, and this time with our family. See why I needed go get back to feeling healthy ASAP? 😀


And Now on to a RunDown of this Past Week’s Workouts…



Yesterday afternoon we hiked in Red Rock Canyon in Nevada before driving to St. George, Utah where we’ll be staying for the week. We had so much fun!



Being a smart girl who practices what she preaches, I didn’t even think about running this past week.



With a little research I confirmed that biking isn’t a good idea when you’re having SI joint issues. I had noticed during my recent bike rides that I felt a little tenderness on the right side and reading this confirmed what I suspected.


Strength Training

I avoided weight lifting until Friday when I felt pretty confident that I could do it without hurting myself further. I also avoided lifting anything heavy while training my clients.



I skipped three days of my daily planking for the first time in over a year. Misty recommended I avoid side planks until I’m feeling better and once I resumed planking, I broke it into shorter segments totaling five minutes.



For the most part, I just did gentle stretches to help decompress the lower back and SI joints. During my yoga sessions I skipped a few poses that felt uncomfortable or required twisting of the torso.


It’s on the Blog

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


In addition to the workouts I mentioned above, here’s a complete rundown of my workouts from this past week (completed mostly in our home gym)…


  • Questions:
  • Where would your preferred place be to go for vacation? Mountains, beach, big city, foreign country, something else?
  • What do you like to do on vacations? Relax and be pampered, do lots of touring, be extremely active, or a little of all of the above? 
  • Did you race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!


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