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Overview of the Week

Here’s my complete rundown of workouts from this past week completed either outside or in our home gym. Scroll down for a details from each day.



We had another gorgeous Sunday on tap so Bill and I took advantage of cooler temperatures and low humidity to go on a 5-mile afternoon walk (18:45 pace) on the paved trails through our neighborhood. While out we saw our friend Amanda and her daughter who were out working on a Girl Scout project. It was so nice to see a friend even if I couldn’t give her a hug!



Monday started with a 5-mile walk (15:12 pace) around my neighborhood in the 59° temps – my neighbors who were out must have thought I was nuts because I was rocking bright pink gloves with this outfit. Not only did the colors clash, but who wears winter gloves in June? I had a 2-hour mid-morning hole in my work schedule and knocked out both my strength training and physical therapy homework.



I returned to physical therapy Tuesday morning and even though it was great to see my physical therapist Ashley again, I’d rather my back behave so physical therapy wasn’t a necessity. A combination of being sick with the flu during the early days of the corona virus pandemic and fearful to go out with my compromised immune system, I called it a wrap with my PT sessions. Even though my back was feeling much better, it hadn’t fully healed and I’m hoping a few more sessions/weeks will get me back to feeling normal.

Due to the heat, my cycling friend and I rescheduled our 11 AM Tuesday ride to 9 AM Thursday. I took to the comfort of my basement and rode 15 miles on my spin bike (affiliate link)  at a steady 15.5 MPH. My PT reminded me to ride upright rather than hunched over in racing position, something much easier to do on my spin bike.



Wednesday was a light work day, but I chose to beat the heat and headed out for my 5-mile walk at 5 AM rather than later in the day. I had a mid-morning cancelation and sneaked in my own workout and PT homework during that time.



I not gonna lie, I’d much rather ride at 6 AM than later in the summer heat, but when coordinating work schedules with your cycling friend you do the best you can. Luck was with us on Thursday, though, and refreshingly cool rain droplets started falling midway through our ride. We pumped out 15 miles at 13.6 MPH.

That evening I did my PT homework.



On a whim, I  decided to get up with Bill and head out for my own bike ride when he left to meet his cycling group. I didn’t ride with the group because I haven’t ridden more than 26 miles this season and need to stick to my plan of adding only 5 miles per long ride each week. I kept it to 10 miles while working on my cadence and finding the right gears. I find that I prefer to power harder at 60-70 RPM’s rather than spinning faster at 80-90, especially up hills. I focused on speed and RPM consistency as I navigated the 2 little hills on my circle. Worth noting, the weather was delightful at 63° with low humidity.

I saw a client immediately after my ride and then lifted for about an hour. By the time I taught my balance and stretching class, my legs were toast!



I had my second physical therapy session for this go through on Saturday morning at 8:30. Back home, Bill and I had a very relaxing morning just chilling on our deck in the 75°/low humidity. After lunch, I took a 2:40 nap!


Here’s What You Might Have Missed

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • What is something that you know you should be doing one way, but it seems more natural your way?
  • • How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?
  • • Did you run in a virtual race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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