It’s time to sit down once again over a beverage of your choice and chat about things other than just running, riding, and training. Won’t you please join me? I’ll go first…


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that late last year I signed up for Empower summer camp with some of my fitness-focused blogging friends and we just learned this week that the early-August camp has been rescheduled for 2021. I was really looking forward to sharing a hut with our two coffee date hostesses Deborah and Coco during our 4-day-weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Once the corona virus hit in March, I became apprehensive about joining a group of women who had just flown in from all over the country to attend the camp; however, once we got the word that camp would not be held this year I was both disappointed and very relieved.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I’ve been spending some of my spare time during the pandemic scanning old pictures. Here’s just one of many throwback race pictures I ran across. This is from before the 2003 Marine Corps Marathon where some of the runners I’d coached joined me for a pre-race photo.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that our old National Parks annual pass expired so I decided to renew it online. My search brought me to this National Parks website where I learned that I’m eligible for a senior lifetime pass for the same price as our previous annual passes – woot woot!


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that my friend Erin texted on Tuesday afternoon to see if I had time to take some pictures of her on her new cruiser bike. She rode by a little later and I ran down to meet her in our back yard and snapped this adorable picture. I hadn’t seen her since her birthday celebration in mid-February other than once when she texted that she’d be running by our house and I leaned out a window to cheer her on!


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that Bill ordered Nationals face masks from Fanactics back in April, but they were on backorder. They came this past week and I snagged the Curly-W one on the bottom. Even though it’s not my most comfortable mask, it’s my favorite!



If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that this adorable card from Lovepop popped up as an ad on Facebook and it was too cute not to order for my mom. Mom loves hummingbirds so how could I not buy it for her? It came within a week and I immediately wrote her a note and mailed it to her.


She loved it!


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that speaking of Facebook, I got into trouble with them for having Alexa playing Classic Rock in the background during the warm-up portion of the balance and stretching class I teach to our private group via Facebook Live. I was stunned that FB picked up on the music in the background, but I obviously don’t own rights to the music so I took the video down. Normally, I leave the video up after class for my students to take again whenever they wish.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I mentioned this last week in Runfessions, but it bares repeating. On June 8th I started the arduous process of upgrading my blog to Ultimate Managed WordPress which gives me a much faster server, a security certificate, daily backups, virus scans, etc.





During the process of migrating my blog from the old server to the much faster server, my blog was given a temporary URL. Unfortunately, none of the hyperlinks migrated beyond the temporary URL which resulted in me spending hours on the phone with Go Daddy support getting everything ironed out. It appears to be fixed, but if you stumble across anything not working please let me know.


Prior to migrating, I had to deactivate one on my plugins which notifies registered readers of new blog posts and when I reactivated it, all of my followers were gone. As a result, I’ve seen a drastic drop in my daily stats.


And finally, if we were having coffee…..
I’d ask if you have any virtual races coming up, and if you do, I’d wish you good luck and remind you to have fun!




Today I’m joining Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner and Coco at Running With Perseverance for their monthly Ultimate Coffee Date linkup which goes live the first Friday of every month.  Be sure to stop by their blogs for a cup of coffee and to say hello; and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers who are participating in the linkup.


  • Questions:
  • • Have you purchased or made any fun masks that represent something you love? 
  • • What fun things that you had scheduled for this summer have been canceled?
  • • If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?