Wrist Update

My wrist is very gradually healing – emphasis on gradually. For the first time in months, I showered without wearing a brace yesterday and experienced no pain. I feel that’s a start considering how badly inflamed the tendon had become. I’m pretty sure the magic elixir was the combination of the steroid shot and getting a new brace that prevents wrist extension. The key will be to continue immobilizing it until it has healed completely which I predict will be another couple of months.


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll down for daily details…



It was 64° when the ladies and I met at Lake Anne in Reston for our 8:30 ride on Sunday morning. We rode a route they’d done while I was at the beach and I had requested we do a repeat so I could enjoy visiting the Potomac River. We finished our 28-mile ride with a 13.2 MPH average speed.


Back at Lake Anne, Amy spoiled us with a homemade lunch. Just when I thought she’d made the perfect salad…


… she brought out chicken to put on top. Amy had prepared the chicken in an air fryer and now I’m convinced that I need one.



I overdressed as I headed out at 5 AM in the 65° morning air when I wore a short sleeved shirt instead of a tank. With walk breaks during my 3-minute run/3-minute walk intervals, I’m convinced that I’ll get cold so I find myself overdressing. Even though I was hotter than I liked, I skipped the urge to strip to my jog bra and finished my 4-miles at an average pace of 11:13.

Once finished, I had time to start my strength training workout before seeing my 6:30 client. I wrapped up both my workout and my physical therapy homework between my first session and my later morning clients.



In keeping with my goal to join my Cruiser friend Chuck for a ride at least once a week during the month of September while he attempted to ride 1,000 miles to raise money for kids fighting cancer, Bill and I joined him for an early Tuesday morning ride. It was 69° as we rolled out of our garage at 5:30 AM for our 40-mile ride (14.9 MPH average speed).

Chuck hit his 1,000 mile goal yesterday so this ride was just icing on the cake. BTW, if you’re interested in donating to help fight kids’ cancer, please click here. Last chance!


Later in the afternoon, I started my long list of gardening projects. I hired a neighbor (high school junior) and he and I worked for 4 hours taking out some bushes and transplanting others. I finished exhausted and very happy that I had help.



It was 54° when I headed out for my 4-mile 3-minute run/3-minute walk intervals at 5 AM, my last at that ratio (this week starts 4-minute run/2-minute walk intervals). I finished them at an 11:29 average pace and look forward to seeing what kind of average pace my new ratio with give me. I’ll still run by feel and make sure I’m not pushing too hard on the runs, especially at first as I get used to running longer.

My first client had moved to later in the day so that left me with plenty of time to lift and do my PT homework immediately after my run. I skipped gardening, but my helper logged 3 hours of hard labor pulling out pachysandra that had grown too close to the stone steps leading to our patio. I was thankful to delegate that project!



My biking friend Betsy and I were finally both back in town at the same time after over a month of opposing vacationing schedules. It was 68° when we rolled out of our neighborhood at 11:15 AM for 15 miles on the W&OD Trail where we averaged 15.3 MPH.

A yellow jacket stung me 3 times after landing on my thigh as I pedaled along just after our turnaround. I felt the pain and looked down to see him sitting there doing his thing. I didn’t dare swipe at him for fear he’d sting me somewhere else, but he flew away within seconds of me seeing him. He got me in three places and even though I still have quarter-sized red marks on my leg, the stings haven’t bothered me much at all.

Later in the afternoon, my helper and I did yard work for 3 hours.



A cardio-free day, I lifted weights and did my physical therapy homework in the morning between clients and teaching my balance and stretching class. Once finished with work, I spent 3 hours planting Liriope and doing my fall tree and plant fertilization.



My friend Amy and I joined about 20 other cyclists at a local bike shop for a group ride sponsored by the Prince William Cycling Club. Called the Loudoun Meander, we rode 44 miles around the rolling hills of western Loudoun County. It was wonderful to be back out on roads winding through horse and wine country, and away from parkways, boulevards, and planned communities.


Back home, showing off my “Bike Hair Don’t Care” hat before taking my bike off the back of my car…



Here’s What You Might Have Missed

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • Do you use an air frier? If so, do you like it and do you recommend it? Beckett, talk to me!
  • • Have you been stung or bitten by an insect while running, walking, or cycling?
  • • Did you happen to run in a live race this week?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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