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Figuring Things Out

A busy week kept me off of my bike so I wasn’t able to give my knee a try after Saturday’s little flare-up during the Tour de Madison. I ran Tuesday morning, but that didn’t go as well as hoped and after about a mile and a half I started feeling the familiar nagging pain in the lower right side of my back so I turned to walking at the two-mile point. In hindsight, I should have walked immediately, but I corrected my form and the pain mostly went away so I ran to two miles before walking. 

With contractors back in the basement wrapping up the project started in February (supply chain issues and backorders), I didn’t feel like getting on my stationary bike. The rest was probably best and we’ll see how today’s (Sunday) ride goes.


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll beyond the infographic for daily details…



Rest day



Strength training : 1 hour of total body

Walking: 1 mile
• Average pace: 17:45
• Start time: 9:37 AM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 64° and sunny with low humidity
• What I wore: shorts and s/s shirt

When I had a last-minute cancelation, I took advantage of my free time to head outside for a walk while enjoying the near perfect weather.



Running: 2 miles
• Average pace: 10:07
• Start time: 11:18 AM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 58° and cloudy
• What I wore: shorts and s/s shirt

Walking: 1 mile
• Average pace: 17:45
• Start time: 11:44 AM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 58° and drizzly
• What I wore: shorts and s/s shirt

Rolling: 10 minutes

Stretching: 10 minutes

I waited around for the threat of rain to move out before heading out for my run only to have a drizzle move in as I transitioned from running to walking. My knee felt absolutely fine, but I eventually had a little awareness in my lower back so I stopped running after 2 miles and walked the final mile.

That evening, I joined my running friends for dinner and sat in a booth for three hours gabbing. I felt the lack of lumbar support right away, but didn’t bother to go to my car to get my lumbar pillow (affiliate link) because normally I’m fine sitting without it when eating dinner out; however, I’m normally not sitting for that long on a soft surface. I tossed and turned all night in mild pain and eventually resorted to taking an Advil.



Strength training : 1 hour of total body

My back was happy that I had a very busy work schedule with minimal sitting, but regularly reminded me that it was the boss.



Walking: 5K
• Average pace: 14:35
• Start time: 7:49 AM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 60° and sunny, becoming cloudy
• What I wore: shorts and s/s shirt



Strength training : 1 hour of full body

Balance and stretching: 45 minutes

Interestingly, during the final 20 minutes of teaching my balance and stretching class everyone’s phones started blaring with a tornado warning. Since we were in a huge room with windows on three sides, we took our class out into the hallway so we could escape into the interior bathrooms if necessary (the building doesn’t have a basement). Unfortunately, we were then told we were creating a fire hazard with our chairs in the hallway. With only 10 minutes of class and the tornado warning remaining, I gave everyone the option to leave early or follow me back into the ballroom to finish class. They all opted to stay and we finished class unscathed.



Bill and I had every intention of going out for a bike ride after finishing our chores, but power washing, a little gardening, grocery shopping, cooking for Sunday’s barbecue, etc. took longer than expected. Our once huge event will include only one other couple this year, friends who are riding with us prior to the cookout.


Last Week’s Blog Posts

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  • • What type of chair does your body prefer? Hard or soft seat, straight back, etc?
  • • How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? ~ After a crappy week, we’re having a glorious weekend!
  • • Did you run in a race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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