I first posted this in December 2015 and it remains one of my favorite DebRuns posts. I hope you enjoy!


The basement was quiet without any noise,
No banging or clanging of any gym toys.

Just a few empty bottles, and a little spilled water,
I nervously wondered if we had a free-loading squatter.

Forgetting the season, forgetting the time,
I was slightly afraid we were victims of crime.

With weights out of place the last week or so,
One to be curious, I set up my GoPro.

Viewing the video I was relieved to see,
Buddy had returned, much to my glee!

He was skinny and unfit after a year away,
I doubt he could hold on to Santa’s sleigh.

The first exercise he hit was a simple bench press,
His form – oh my – was such a mess!



He moved on to the TRX to give it a try,
But had no idea what to do, so he swung to the sky.



Buddy tried swinging and tossing a kettlebell,
But when he couldn’t lift it, he chose not to dwell.



Without enough strength to perform a lat pull-down,
This happy-go-lucky elf still refused to frown.



After his workout Buddy stretched out his glute,
Hoping not to rip his little elf suit.



Satisfied with his workout, Buddy declared it a wrap,
Then decided it was time for a well-earned nap.



After his shenanigans all alone in the gym,
Buddy decided to do what Santa expected of him.

It was time to spy for Santa noted the little elf,
So he magically flew back to his special shelf.

And there he has been keeping watch over me,
Giving Santa the lowdown over all that he sees.



Merry Christmas!
XOXO from Buddy and Deb


  • Questions:
  • • Do you have an elf in your house?
  • • If so, what’s your elf’s name?
  • • What’s is your favorite silly any-season tradition?