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It’s time to sit down once again with a beverage of your choice and chat – I’ll remind you that I don’t like coffee or tea so my drink of choice today will be water. Let’s chat about things other than just running, cycling, strength training, yoga, and complaining about our most recent injuries. Sound good? I’ll go first…


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I didn’t think I was going to have time to join the coffee klatch today, but an unfortunate accident yesterday afternoon kept me at home rather than out climbing hills on my bike with a new friend.

While training a client and demoing an exercise, I felt a sharp pop as if someone had kicked me in my left calf as I stepped up onto the BOSU (affiliate link). I hoped it was just an intense cramp, but feared it might be a muscle strain or tear. After the session, I turned to Dr. Google and surmised that it was most likely a strain so I spent the rest of the afternoon staying off of my feet as much as possible while intermittently icing the afflicted area.

This morning it is feeling the same and I’m limping around. I just dug out a compression sleeve from a calf injury years ago. Here’s hoping it turns the corner soon!


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that pre-ordered Kara Goucher’s upcoming book The Longest Race (affiliate link). In the book, Goucher discloses behind the scenes secrets about her coach Alberto Salazar. Close to the same age as Salazar, I remember cheering him on as I watched him win races on TV and am shocked and saddened by how, as a coach, he treated his athletes.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I’m focusing on exercising not only my body, but also my brain. I took three years of Spanish in high school, but have forgotten practically everything I learned. I’m using the Duolingo app and try to spend 5-30 minutes each day practicing. It’s coming back pretty quickly, but I have a long way to go and would probably panic if I had to actually speak Spanish with someone to communicate.


If we were having coffee…..

I’d tell you that with the cost of groceries going up, I’m noticing that companies are downsizing their products to a smaller version rather than increasing the price. While putting away groceries, I noticed the cooking oil bottle seemed much thinner than in the past. When I compared it to the almost empty bottle in the pantry, I saw that the front profile was exactly the same size, but the new bottle’s depth was much thinner. Upon closer examination, I realized the new bottle had 8 ounces less. I also noticed a very similar situation with the size of cereal boxes.

These English muffins; however, really baffled me. It wasn’t until I got home from the store that I noticed there were only five muffins in the bag rather than the six promised. I suspect the missing muffin was either dropped by the robot filling the package or a hungry shopper ate it!


If we were having coffee…..
I’d ask if you have any races coming up, and if so, I’d wish you good luck and to have a fun time!




Today I’m joining Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner and Coco at Running With Perseverance for their monthly Ultimate Coffee Date linkup which goes live the first Friday of every month.  Be sure to stop by their blogs for a cup of coffee and to say hello; and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers who are participating in the linkup.


  • Questions:
  • • ¿Tú hablas español? ~ Hablo muy poco español.
  • • Have you noticed any shifty packaging of products?
  • • If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


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