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Strength Training

The first time I was introduced to lifting weights was in college when I took a strength training class. Even as a health and physical education major, it was an elective class because at the time – I’m aging myself here – strength training was not part of the high school PE curriculum. I fell in love with lifting and have lifted for most of my adult life with the exception of… wait for it… when I was a teacher and couldn’t afford to join a gym and the high school weight room where I worked was reserved for the football and basketball teams.

Once married, I joined a gym and lifted weights up until the day before my first son was born and a couple of days before the second. My goal is to complete three full body strength training sessions per week, something that’s as natural to me as waking up and brushing my teeth. For the most part, that’s an easy goal to reach unless I’m traveling. Of course, the fact that I’m a trainer and have a gym in my basement certainly makes hitting the weights easier.

One of the things I emphasize to my students when I teach the fitness machines orientation class at the 55+ community gym is the importance of strength training, especially as we get older. I try to be an example for my clients; and hopefully they see how regular strength training has given me in the ability to continue to do the things I love.


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll beyond the infographic for daily details…



Caulking and priming: 3 hours 30 minutes

After a very difficult gravel grinder the day before, I gave my body a day of rest from cardio exercise. I did, however; work on my DIY project and teach a 2-hour fitness machines orientation class at the 55+ gym.



Strength training: 1 hour of total body

Painting: 1 hour



Cycling: 10 miles
• Average speed: 17.1 MPH
• Bike: Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Spin
• Surface: N/A
• Elevation gain: N/A
• Start time: 7:00 AM
• Location: basement
• Weather: 67°
• What I wore: bike shorts and tank

Running: 3.5 miles
• Average pace: 9:51 minute/mile
• Elevation gain: 224 feet
• Start time: 11:05 AM
• Location: neighborhood streets
• Weather: 60° and overcast
• What I wore: capris, s/s shirt, and visor

Stretching: 10 minutes

Painting: 3 hour 45 minutes

As per most Tuesday’s, I multitasked by riding my spin bike (affiliate link) while training a 30-minute client. Later in the morning during a work break, I headed out for my run in search of more blooming trees and found this dogwood along the parkway.



Strength training: 1 hour of total body

Many of my older female clients ask what exercises they can do to get rid of the saggy skin hanging from the back of their arms. Short of plastic surgery there’s not much that can be done; however, tricep kickbacks are one of several exercises (skull crushers and presses are great, too) that can be done to strengthen the area that annoys us older women.



Cycling: 16 miles
• Average speed: 15.8 MPH
• Bike: Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Spin
• Surface: N/A
• Elevation gain: N/A
• Start time: 5:59 AM
• Location: basement
• Weather: 63°
• What I wore: bike shorts and tank

Painting: 1 hour 30 minutes

My day started out great with a virtual ride with Kim. Between client sessions I finished painting the built-in shelves and doors. They’ll need 5-7 days to cure before I can hang the door and put the shelves back up. I also took a trip to the nursery to pick out flowers for the pots on our deck – one of my favorite spring activities.

Later in the afternoon during rush hour my car was hit by a vehicle running a red light as I attempted to turn left on the green arrow. Other than being banged up from the impact and scratched from the airbag deployment, I’m fine and very lucky. Sadly, my Jeep will most likely be totaled.

Collage credit: Kim


Strength training: 1 hour of total body

Balance and stretching: 45 minutes

I woke up feeling a little sore, but as the day wore on, I got stiffer and sorer. It just goes to show that you can get DOMS from anything, even automobile accidents.



Walking: 5K
• Average pace: 16:14 minute/mile
• Elevation gain: 93 feet
• Start time: 10:46 AM
• Location: neighborhood trails
• Weather: 68° and overcast
• What I wore: shorts and t-shirt

Gardening: 5 hours

I was registered for the Gravel Grinder Nationals Mini G, a 50-mile gravel grinder, but decided to play it smart and skip the ride, forfeiting the $65 I’d spent on registration. 🙁 It just didn’t make sense to push it, and if you know me, you understand that was a tough decision.

Instead, I went for a walk with my husband followed by lots of gardening which I find very therapeutic.


Last Week’s Blog Posts

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • Do you strength train? If so, please share how you were introduced and at what age.
  • • What was your favorite workout of the week? ~ As always, Kim and I had a great ride together. I was really looking forward to my gravel grinder event with friends, but the gardening I replaced it with was extremely enjoyable.
  • • Did you run in race this weekend? ~ No


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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