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Adding Yoga Back Into My Routine

I’m beginning to worry about my shoveling addiction… After my last morning clients left on Monday, I pulled out my shovel and started to shovel wet, heavy snow off of our upper deck and the stone steps on the side of our house for the next hour. It didn’t need to be done and most of it […]


Equipment Ideas For Your Home Or Office Gym

Recently, a friend reached out to me for help setting up a gym at her office.  Her company is converting an empty office into a workout room and she called me to get some equipment ideas for what she should buy to get the most bang for her company’s buck.  We talked for a few […]


Oh Geez, Am I Sore!

While out of town with my family last week, I ran almost every day.  It was a way for me to clear my head, to think about my dad, and to honor him by doing something that he was always so supportive of.  The first morning that I was home, I went for an early […]


There’s a Bat in the Exercise Room!

My job is not boring… I missed the excitement by about 30 minutes… When I got to my client’s home she told me that animal control had just left with the little guy.  Who knows how he had gotten into the house, but apparently he was looking for some exercise tips.  My client’s husband had […]

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