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Farm Running And Blacksburg Fun

I had so much fun last week visiting my mom on the farm; and while out of town, I kept true to my workouts and healthy eating even with the fun size Mounds candy bars my mom had waiting for me and the birthday brownie she served Thursday night. The weather was fantastic so it was […]


Guest Post On Coach Daddy

A couple of months ago Eli, over at Coach Daddy asked me to be a guest writer for his blog.  He gave me three prompts to choose from and I chose, What It’s Like to Be a Hokie.  I’m sure my friends and regular readers won’t find that very hard to believe, because if there’s […]


Virginia Tech 3.2-Mile Run in Remembrance

Yesterday afternoon we drove to my favorite place on earth, Virginia Tech.  I absolutely loved going to school at Tech, and I even met my husband there!   We were thrilled when Joseph, our oldest son, decided to attend VT; and even more thrilled when he met Julie, ‘the cutest and sweetest girl in the world’ […]