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Six Tips For Being A Good Steward Of Trail Porta Potties

Porta potties… They can be gross and they can be stinky, but when you’re out on a run and nature calls, seeing one in the horizon can be the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen.  A beautiful sight as long as they’re relatively clean…   Today we’re going to talk about being a good steward […]


Patient Running Friends And Porta Potties (November 17 – 23)

My last week before the craziness of the six-week long holiday season was pretty good – training wise.  We’ll see how focused I can stay as the weeks get busier and busier… Monday Lifted Tuesday Tuesday was one of those days were I was very thankful to have a very patient person running with me.  […]


Where’s A Porta-Potty When I Need It?

It all started when my hubby sent me a link to the following Poop Flow Chart that he saw on iRunFar’s Facebook page. Those who know me well, know that this is my kind of humor!  I decided that since this flow chart dealt with hikers, and not runners, I needed to make an addendum… […]

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