One day last summer I noticed that a company called the Wine’ing Butcher had liked Personal Fit Fitness, my business Facebook page. I Googled it and quickly discovered that it was a wine store/butcher shop that had two stores in New Hampshire; and couldn’t understand how they had found me. While snooping around some more, I learned that the owner, Andrew, was a Virginia Tech grad with a degree in mechanical engineering, turned butcher. Andrew’s wife Gretchen, had a dream to open a wine and cheese store. A union of the two dreams was formed and they opened the Wine’ing Butcher, a gourmet market that sells local produce, fresh meat and seafood, Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses, local select wines, artisan cheeses, bakery items, and brick oven pizzas. Fast forward a few years and they decided to move to Virginia and open another store. We are lucky indeed, to have another option for purchasing fresh nutritous food!


As soon as you walk into the market, you see locally grown (when in season) fresh produce on your right.


Locally Grown Produce


Locally Grown Produce

To your left, you will find the seafood, fish, and meat cases.  This evening our grill will be fired up to grill some “Key West chicken.”  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!


Fresh Fish and Seafood

Walk straight back to the back of the market and you will find their prepared foods.  On their opening day, we stopped by and bought lasagna, chicken Parmesan, crab cakes, and gelato.  We wanted to taste a variety of their foods and were very pleased!


Prepared Foods

There’s a Boar’s Head deli at the back of the store.  There’s nothing like a big fat turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich after a Saturday long run!  🙂


Boar’s Head Deli

If you’re having some friends over and want to have some appetizers, the Wine’ing Butcher has got specialty crackers, cheeses, and wines to start your evening off in an impressive way!


There’s a great selection of wine from smaller vineyards, including local Virginia Wines.  Hmmm, wonder if they carry Hokie Bird Red?  I’ll have to check!   🙂


Virginia Wines

The Wine’ing Butcher sells locally made gelato, and it is TO. DIE. FOR!!!  We tried the dark chocolate amaretto, and I only have one word…  WOW!!!


Locally Made Gelato

As soon as I got home from their market today, I popped my chicken quesadilla (stuffed with chicken, peppers, and onions) in the oven to heat it up.  I added avocado slices, and some orange and red grape tomatoes for a fabulous lunch!


Chicken Quesadilla Lunch

  • Questions:
  • Do you prefer to shop at a large grocery store or smaller markets?
  • Do you shop at local farmers’ markets?
  • What is your favorite lunch?