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Running During A Solar Eclipse

There’s been something magical in a celestial sort of way during our visits to the beach these last two years. Last summer, Bill and I got up at 3:30 AM two mornings in a row to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower, and I wrote about our phenomenal experience in Watching A Meteor Shower While On A […]


I Want To See A Bear, Just Not When I’m Running

On Sunday afternoon I took a walk along the property my Dad farmed for years. I stopped by to visit my dad’s cousin and his wife and to pick up some green beans fresh from their garden. Like everyone else who hasn’t seen me for a while, they asked how my running was going.  Monday […]


Trail Sightings

I almost always have either my GoPro (affiliate link), my new Canon Power Shot Elph (affiliate link) or iPhone with me when I run, so if I see something unusual, I either slow down or stop to take a picture. Whether running on my neighborhood trails, the W&OD Trail, out in the wilderness, or along the Atlantic Ocean, […]

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