The weatherman failed to deliver on the snow that I so hoped we might get. So instead of running ten miles on an inch of fresh snow on the trail, we ran on dry pavement. We had four Cruisers meet this morning, all girls… Cruiser Chicks rule! We talked about a possible girls only cruise next spring, and laughed that we would be “Cruisers Chicks Cruising.” Say that five times really fast!


Amazing Cruisers Kim, Amanda, and Beth
Check out their shoe laces!

I was lucky enough to have absolutely nothing else planned for the day, so I tried to catch up on little things. I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to get my Twitter button under the header on my facebook business page; and I never did figure that out! I also spent way to much time watching HGTV, and I had time for a little nap. 🙂  Please don’t hate me!

I made a recovery dinner of chicken Parmesan and a spinach salad to complete a pretty awesome day!  I’ve gotta remember to take a picture of dinner before we wolf it down!

  • Questions:
  • Are you a snow lover or snow hater? ~ I am a snow lover! I miss the snow we had when we lived in Utah and Colorado.
  • Do you run alone or with a group?
  • What’s your favorite television network?