Since I’ve overslept the past two mornings (normally I NEVER oversleep), last night I set two alarms to make sure I would wake up in time for my first client at 7 AM. It worked and I had time to spare!

I met a new client today that I have great expectations for! I’m going to call him Mike (not his real name) and I’m going to let you follow his progress. Today I took his base-line measurements, talked about goal setting, talked about nutrition, and my suggestions for his exercise plan. We will work out for the first time next Tuesday and I’ll fill you in on what we do. To get him started, I gave him cardio homework to do this weekend (swim, run, or use the elliptical).


This week I had to switch around a couple of days of cardio, so today was a cross training day. Normally I don’t do cardio on Friday so I can rest my legs a little bit in preparation for Saturday’s long run. I was quite pleased with today’s biking, and yes, my legs will feel like lead when I walk up the stairs tonight! I was able to ride for 20 minutes, lift for a little while, then ride for 30 minutes, lift a bit more, and then finish my 60 minute ride with my final 10 minutes. Oh, and I had a little squirrel keep me company today.


I think I’ll pass on telling you the details of my klutzy move of slamming my pinky toe into a door jam after taking my shoes off after my workout. It’s turning blue, but there will be no pictures. I’m just hoping it doesn’t bother me on tomorrow’s run!

  • Questions:
  • Do you weigh or do girth measurements on yourself?
  • What’s your favorite wild animal?
  • What klutzy move have you done that totally embarrassed you or kept you out of the gym for a while?