This self-proclaimed snow lover is ready for spring. We’ve gotten so little snow this year that I’ve completely given up on winter. This morning’s six-mile run was cold, windy, and brown; except for Susan’s jacket. It was bright orange and hot pink, a welcome change from our usual black “uniforms,” but I have no photographic documentation of it!  I’ve got to remember to carry my camera with me on all runs!

I stopped by one of our international markets this afternoon for fresh produce. You’ve gotta love a store that has seven different varieties of bananas! I have seven choices and what do I buy? …The ones that I can get in any other grocery store in America!


Sooo I bought the “traditional” bananas, but decided to experiment by buying Indian bitter melons. I got home and googled it to see what I could make with it and discovered that it is one of the most bitter of all vegetables. Apparently soaking it in salt water helps reduce the bitterness, somewhat.  Perhaps my three bitter melons (54 cents worth) will simply serve as decorative items in my kitchen until I throw them out, or perhaps we will experiment with them this weekend. Stay tuned…


I love that the Mandarin oranges still have the stems on them and aren’t in little wooden boxes with an orange netting on the top to make them look fresher!


This soda just made me smile!


  • Questions:
  • Are you having a white winter or brown winter?
  • What’s your favorite non-traditional grocery store?
  • Have you ever cooked with Indian bitter melons?