My day started with a run with two of favorite people, my hubby and my BRF Susan! Actually, I started out with Bill and a half mile later hung a right at the fork in the trail so I could meet up with Susan. Bill got me started at a pace faster than I usually run on my own and that was a great start!  Today’s wildlife spotting included a fox and a deer, but both got away before I could get their picture.  I think I’m going to start running with a camera on my headband!

Today’s core exercise is called a V-Sit.  Sit on the floor, engage your abs, lean back while bringing your feet off the floor (knees bent) and find your balance point on your tail bone.  Extend your arms out to the sides of your knees and hold.  Try to hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times.  Work on this for a few day and then I will show you the V-Sit Crunch.  I would show you today, but I am extremely sore from two new exercises that I did yesterday.  Yes, even trainers that workout all the time get sore when doing new exercises.  Nothing makes my clients happier than to see me gingerly moving around because I’m sore!  🙂



This afternoon I made brookies to take to my local bank as a thank you for something they did for me last week.  I got the recipe from The Hungry Runner Girl and knew as soon as I saw it that I would have to try them!  Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are two of my favorite desserts, so smushing (smashing and mushing) the two together should be a match made in heaven, right?  They did not disappoint!  They were so good that I’m surprised that the bank didn’t give me thousands of dollars just for sharing them!


Brownie + Chocolate Chip Cookie = Brookies

Tonight’s dinner was salmon with roasted mushrooms and peppers and a small side of rice.  Pair it with a spinach salad, and yum, we had quite a meal!  After seeing news coverage from the Vatican of our newly elected pope, I served tonight’s dinner in a bowl I picked up in Italy two summers ago.  I need a new meat platter, so I think we should go back soon!    🙂


  • Questions:
  • Do you run or exercise with your hubby or significant other?
  • What other exercises would you like for me to talk about?
  • Where’s your favorite place in the world you’ve traveled and/or lived?