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V-Sit and Other Random Things

My day started with a run with two of favorite people, my hubby and my BRF Susan! Actually, I started out with Bill and a half mile later hung a right at the fork in the trail so I could meet up with Susan. Bill got me started at a pace faster than I usually […]


Sunday Funday Exercises

Put your workout clothes on and hit the floor, because I have three new exercises to show you!  These can all be done without any equipment, but I am using a medicine ball on two of the exercises. This first exercise is called a “clam crunch,” and it’s great for the abs.  Place a medicine […]


Pilgrimage To Trader Joe’s

Four years ago I started a facebook group called “Bring Trader Joe’s to My Town.” We now have 1,068 members, but no TJ’s. As a result, my friend Vel and I make the pilgrimage to our nearest TJ’s to stock up on our favorite yummies. Here are a few of the things I HAD to […]


Core Exercises

I overslept this morning and woke up with only ten minutes until I was supposed to meet my friend Susan for a run. I headed out my back door and almost missed her as she was running around my house looking for me. Can you believe that we’ve done that before where we totally missed […]

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