The Cruisers have a list of running and racing rules somewhere in facebook land. When facebook switched over its groups to a new format about two years ago, we lost all of our very organized silly rules that we had added over the years and organized in our notes section. Facebook decided theses notes would better serve us spread out over our timeline by when we added them.  Since groups do not have a specific timeline to click on, we are out of luck… 🙁

I will try my best to recreate that list of rules, and take the liberty to add some of my own. Cruisers: Please feel free to comment below with anything I overlooked.

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“Silly” Cruisers’ Running Etiquette:

  1. Resist the temptations to scream at bikers that you would be as fast as they are if you cheated and rode on two wheels.
  2. Do not get a toy poodle puppy to run with just so you have an excuse for running slowly.
  3. Remember that if you smile and say hello to a runner and they don’t respond back, that it is NOT OK to body slam them to the pavement.
  4. If you must blow snot rockets, aim away from your fellow runners. The same goes for spitting.
  5. After the race (if you’re a girl) don’t walk up to a guy and sing, “Nanny nanny boo boo; I’m a girl and I beat you!”
  6. If you throw up at the finish line, aim for the runner that beat you in that sprint to the finish.
  7. What happens on the trail, stays on the trail. Any secrets told, any embarrassing things that happen… STAY ON THE TRAIL! Two Cruisers OWN me on this one!
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“Real” Racing Etiquette:

  1. Line up according your your expected pace time. Don’t jump ahead to wait for the race to start with a friend, and then be in the way of the faster runners.
  2. If you’ve layered your clothing and plan to discard items shortly after the start of the race, run to the outer side of the crowd so you don’t accidentally throw your clothes on someone.
  3. If you start with a water bottle, make sure you toss it clear of the crowd (preferable in a trash can) so it doesn’t trip someone.
  4. Don’t clog up the water stops. Grab your water/Gatorade and move on. Move over to the side of the course if you choose to stop. Do a shoulder check before merging back in with the other runners.
  5. Throw your empty cup near the other cups, or in a nearby trash can.
  6. Thank the water stop personnel and all volunteers along the race course.
  7. Encourage other runners along the course if you see them struggling.
  8. Keep moving forward at the finish line, and thank the volunteers that are handing out Mylar blankets and medals.
  9. Don’t pig out in the post-race food tent. Be considerate of the runners that haven’t finished yet.
  10. Never complain to the volunteers! Email the race director with any, and all complaints.


  • Questions:
  • What silly running etiquette rules am I missing?
  • What serious racing etiquette rules am I missing?
  • What is the most unsportsmanlike thing you’ve seen at a race?