Every Saturday the Cruisers meet for our weekly group run on the W&OD Trail, a very popular trail in our area. It is a narrow 45-mile-long multi-use park that consists of an asphalt trail and a parallel gravel path. It was built on the old railroad bed where trains ran from 1859 to 1968. We are very blessed to live near such a fabulous park.


Note the gravel path to the left of the asphalt trail

We routinely see the same trail users week after week, and exchange friendly hellos, even though we don’t really know each other. Another running group associated with our local running store also meets at the same time as our group and we usually see them at some point along our run.


Two bikers just passed two runners

About two years ago, I started seeing a familiar face on the trail, and I couldn’t have been happier to see this person. One Saturday just after we had finished our run and were cooling down with a short walk, we meet this person walking her dog, Fluffy. I introduced my former client to my husband and friends, and she pointed at me and said, “This lady saved my life.” She went on to tell everyone how I had helped her lose 95 pounds about four years earlier. She said she still reminds herself over and over how I told her it was all about taking “baby steps” and not to get overwhelmed with the big picture. At 4’11” tall, her starting BMI and body fat percentage put her at a very dangerous place. Once she reached her target weight goal, not only did her BMI and body fat percentage drop, but her cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar level also dropped.  She has maintained her new healthy lifestyle and looks fabulous.

While I trained her, one of my co-workers, trained her husband. He also lost an impressive amount of weight and the two of them started a friendly competition. I taught her how to change her menu planning and cooking style, and as a result their children also lost weight. Her entire family has maintained this weight loss and are so much healthier for it.  They walk together, play together, and can now enjoy an active lifestyle that eluded them before.  This is yet another reason that I love my clients and I love my job!


Bikers, roller-bladers, walkers, runners, and horses share the trail

  •  Questions:
  • Where do you usually run?
  • Have you had a significant weight loss or life-style change recently?
  • What fun things are you doing today?