If your baby had taken his or her first steps over the weekend, and you were a blogger, would have written about it?  I thought so…  My son took his first steps many years ago, but he did something huge on Saturday, and I didn’t tell you about it.  Major failure on my part!

On Saturday morning Joseph ran 20 miles!  Yep, that’s right, he ran his first 20-miler!  I didn’t realize that he was planning on going that far when I met him on the trail as I was coming back from my run, or I would have taken a photo.


Last week’s picture of Joseph and Bill running together

Joseph’s first race was a neighborhood obstacle course!  In high school he ran cross country, and since then has run for fitness.  This spring he’s started adding on the miles…


Joseph running in a neighborhood obstacle course

Now he’s thinking marathons and someday maybe ultras….  I’m giddy with excitement!  🙂

  • Questions:
  • What new thing has your child done lately?
  • Were your parents as excited as Bill and I are when you ran your first long run?
  • What distance was your longest run ever? ~ I ran the JFK 50-Miler once, only once…