In my post earlier today, Mother’s Day = BEST. RUN. EVER, I talked about my Mother’s Day run with my husband and BOTH OF MY SONS!!!  This post will solely focus on the delicious dinner we made as a family!

This afternoon while I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, Bill and Daniel went to Wegman’s to shop for dinner to put on the grill.  For starters they picked up a Spanish and an Italian wine…


2009 Toscana and 2009 Alvarez de Toledo

And some steaks, mushrooms, and onions…


Steak and Salad

They forgot the asparagus, but luckily I had some leftover from last night…


Oven Roasted Asparagus

But they didn’t forget the dessert!  I’m not usually one to have two desserts in one day, but hey, it’s Mother’s Day and a girl can splurge, right?  Oh wait, I ran twice today so of course I can have two desserts!


Wegman’s Chocolate Dream Pie

I hope your Mother’s Day was a wonderful day filled with lots of snuggles with your family!

  • Questions:
  • What’s your favorite wine?
  • Do you eat steaks?
  • Do you ever eat two desserts in one day?