It all started about a week ago when Julie posted a link to a pinata cake on her Facebook.  Comments ensued and the next thing I knew I had volunteered to make a pinata cake for Julie and her roommates, Kelly and Becky.  Their graduation from Virginia Tech was the following weekend and the occasion screamed for a pinata cake!  I love to bake, I love a good challenge, and I couldn’t wait to make it!

Julie first saw the pinata cake on the The Hungry Runner Girl’s blog.  For detailed instructions, or to see the professional version, be sure to check out the links.  I’m going to skip most of the steps since I’m not a food blogger, and once you see the fourth from the last picture, you’ll understand why!

First I baked two cakes in a bowl as instructed…


Next I pulled together orange and maroon M&M’s (Virginia Tech’s colors), fun size 3 Musketeers, and JuJu Bears…


Since this cake was for a three very special young ladies, I used my very best china!


I placed the yummy treats inside the cake…


I added a entire squeeze bottle of red food coloring to chocolate frosting to make it maroon…


I added orange sprinkles and have to say, I was pretty pleased with the finished product!


Until the next morning… when I saw that the cake had imploded overnight.


The girls didn’t seem to mind, thought; and it tasted great!


Three runner girls and their cake!

Fortunately, I had ordered a back-up cake from the Kroger bakery, and they didn’t let me down!


And finally, I couldn’t resist adding a picture of Joseph and Julie!


  • Questions:
  • Do you like to bake?
  • Would you try making a pinata cake?
  • Since I didn’t run this morning, tell me about your run!