Meet Jerome…  We ran together when I coached him at Worldgate Sport & Health; and he stayed with me when I retired from “official” coaching and formed our fun little running/social group.  In fact, he’s the one that named us the Cruisers.


Over time Jerome was plagued with a number of injuries and eventually decided that running marathons wasn’t the best distance for him.  He cut back his running distances, started intense core workouts, cross-trained on his bike, completed a few triathlons, and discovered yoga.

Jerome quickly realized that yoga was making him feel better, much better!  He also discovered that he enjoyed practicing yoga so much that he wanted to be able to share it with others and enrolled in a yoga instructor class.  He graduates in two weeks and looks forward to helping others in the same way his instructors have helped him.

This summer Jerome is going to lead the Cruisers in a yoga class designed just for runners!  I can’t wait, and you can bet that I’ll be sharing those poses with you!


Today I met Jerome at Panera for lunch so he could pick my brain about starting a yoga blog.  I told him all that I know about blogging, which believe it or not took longer that three seconds.  Actually, I was quite surprised at just how much I’ve learned in the four months since I started DebRuns.  He still hasn’t finalized his blog name yet, so I can’t share it, but as soon as he has it up and running I’ll post a link!  In the meantime, you can refer to him as the Tri-Yoga-Dude!

And because I’m afraid you’d never read my blog again if I didn’t post a picture of my delicious lunch today, here it is!


Panera Rosted Turkey & Avocado BLT


  • Questions:
  • If you blog, what made you decide to start?
  • Do you practice yoga?
  • What’s your favorite pose?