On January 24, 2008, the Cruisers met at a local movie theater to view Spirit of the Marathon.  The documentary followed six marathon runners training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon.  The film was made for a limited one-night-only release at select movie theaters, and we were very lucky that it was showing nearby.  We arrived just before the movie started and found the seating to be very limited.  A few Cruisers even had to sit on the floor!  It was so cool to see other runners that we saw weekly on the running trail, but didn’t know their names, gathered to see the movie, too.


In addition to the featured elite runners, I was inspired watching the close-knit running groups featured in the movie.  I loved seeing that one particular group met on Friday nights to “carbo-load” before their Saturday long runs.  As the president and chief running officer Mother Duck of the Cruisers, I was extremely impressed!  You can order your very own copy of Spirit of the Marathon by clicking on the link.

This Wednesday Spirit of the Marathon II will be showing in 600 theaters for one night only.  It follows seven marathon runners as they train for and run in the 2012 Rome Marathon.  Ticket information can be found here.  Unfortunately, Bill and I won’t be home and won’t be able to watch it.  I’m thinking we need to have another special Cruiser event so we can all watch it together once it’s released on Netflix or DVD!




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