I’ve had a busier than usual day with clients and haven’t written today’s post, so I decided to do a Motivational Monday post let Pinterest write my post for me.  Here are some of my favorite pins that have caught my eye during the last few weeks…

It’s as if Lea was speaking about me when she made this running poster…


The good people over at i love to run must read my mind…


Melissa over at Kaftan to Bikini put this little gem together.  How true, how true…


Here’s another good one that Melissa from Kaftan to Bikini shared…


Who hasn’t come home from a horrible day at work, and gone for a run just so you can leave the negative energy of coworkers on the pavement? Thanks Jeremy for putting it in perspective…


The ladies over at Run Like A Girl put together some amazing motivational (and funny) posters.  How true is this one?


I love this one!  It is so, so true for me!  I tried to find the person or company to give them credit, but could only find the Pinterest link.

When I first saw this Florence Griffith-Joyner quote that Thought Joy put together, and Stephanie shared on her blog a few weeks ago, it really spoke to me, and I pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards.  Apparently, it spoke to a whole lot of other people too, because 76 people have already repinned it, and 11 people have liked it.


  • Questions:
  • How was your Monday?
  • Which of the above quotes speak to you?