I’ve written this post in my head several times this week, but didn’t dare start writing it until last night.  I had a dream last week that I wrote this post in advance and forgot to change the date for it not to post until today, so it posted immediately and Julie learned that Joseph was going to propose to her through my blog!  HaHaHaHaHa!!!  Can you imagine?  Headlines:  “Future Mother-in-law Doesn’t Wait Until the Ceremony to Ruin Her Son’s Wife’s Life.” 

You read that right, I’m finally going to have a daughter!  Bill and I couldn’t have picked out a better future daughter-in-law if we had picked her out ourselves.  Julie has really been a part of our family since soon after she and Joseph started dating almost three years ago.  Even though her family lives relatively close to us, Joseph and Julie first met at Virginia Tech.

Joseph proposed to Julie along the banks of the Potomac River yesterday afternoon; and the rest of the story…  I’ll let Julie tell you about that when she’s a guest writer next week… if she chooses.  See, I’m already working on not being a bossy MIL!


Today Bill and I had Julie’s family over for brunch to celebrate this very special occasion!



Here’s to the happy couple!  Cheers!


Welcome to the family, Julie!

  • Questions:
  • If you’re married, where did you get engaged?
  • How long were you engaged before you got married?
  • What’s your favorite brunch food?