DebRuns editors note:  Julie wrote and submitted this post before Joseph’s weekend proposal…

Hey everyone, Julie here!  When Deb asked me to guest post again I was thrilled – I’ve missed you guys!!!

Last week, I was on a vacation of my own.  My large (there were 26 of us total – and that isn’t even everybody), and incredibly loud, family and I hit the beach.


Despite having to yell over everyone else to get a word in, I enjoy vacationing with the Crazies because there is always someone to do something with (unless you want to go on a 12 mile run – ain’t nobody in my family got time for that).

Last Tuesday, my sister, seven-year-old cousin, and I went on a two mile run.


Things were going really well until my cousin thought that her “legs [were] going to throw up” around mile one.  Obviously, I didn’t want to see that so we proceeded to walk/jog the last mile.

While on the beach, we rode the waves and tried to see how long we could keep a volleyball in the air.


There are two things you should know about the above picture.  First, I swear there was a volleyball in the air, just pretend you can see it.  Second, notice that I am both on the ground and facing away from the circle.  Maybe that is why my family members could keep the volleyball in the air longer when I wasn’t playing…

Thankfully, I performed much better in the family corn hole tournament.


I wish I could tell you that I won, but the championship court was rigged and so my team placed second.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.

There was also a midnight SORRY! (the board game) tournament for all cousins older than 14.  Unfortunately I could not participate because of my 9:00 bedtime.  Oh well!

Our active vacation was both relaxing and fun!  It was a wonderful break from the real world, and I hope that you all have the opportunity to take a vacation sometime soon!!

  • Questions:
  • Do you go to the beach with your family?
  • What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
  • What is your dream vacation?