While at the beach, I emailed one of my Cruiser friends the following note:

RunKeeper is crazy down here!  According to it, yesterday we ran 20:54 minute/miles and today we ran 5:35 minute/miles!  Woot woo!!!  What an improvement in just a day!  I assume the satellite signal is sketchy!  ;-)See you in a few!

She replied with:

Try and keep your miles to margaritas ratio reasonable…I’ll let you determine what’s reasonable. 😉

Run keeper tip I always use for better accuracy and consistency:
Turn off wi fi in your settings
Close every app (double click the home button then hold on any app in the bottom row until they wiggle. Then close on each with the x)
Power off your phone
Power back up you phone
Open runkeeper

Enjoy the beach!

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.  It sounded like she was telling me to delete my apps…  Had I read carefully and actually tried, I might have figured it out.  In my defense, I needed to close each with the “red -” not, “black x”.

This morning on my first day back from vacation, I went for a run with a client.  We went on a tempo run and when I set RunKeeper up to track our mileage, it started doing the crazy stuff I mention in my first quote above.  I told her about my friend’s suggestion and my client said that she could show me how to do it.  She told me that she taught her 75-year old mother how to do it, so she was sure I could learn it, too.  Done!  Apps are now closed!


Just for fun, here are our runs from last week.  The best part about vacation is having plenty of time to run every day!  These run maps just get crazier every day.  Be sure to look at Sundays and Mondays running course, distances, and paces! 🙂

Time of day and weather conditions – 4 PM, overcast and windy
Location – 1 mile loose sand, rest on asphalt, concrete trails and wooden boardwalk
Duration – 1:06:59
Actual distance – 6.75 miles
RunKeeper distance – 5.78 miles
RunKeeper pace – 11:35 minute/miles


Time of day and weather conditions – 12:15 PM, hot and sunny, some breeze
Location – low tide packed sand
Duration – 1:17:01
Actual distance – 8 miles
RunKeeper distance – 3.8 miles
RunKeeper pace – 20:15 minute/miles


Time of day and weather conditions – 10 AM, hot and sunny, no breeze
Location – asphalt roads
Duration – 1:04:25
Actual distance – 6.5 miles
RunKeeper distance – 11.52 miles
RunKeeper pace – 5:36 minute/miles


Time of day and weather conditions – 2:30 PM, hot and sunny, sea breeze
Location – low tide packed sand
Duration – 1:16:06
Actual distance – 7.5 miles
RunKeeper distance – 8.13 miles
RunKeeper pace – 9:22 minute/miles


Time of day and weather conditions – 6:30 AM, sunrise hot and humid
Location – tide coming in, but mostly packed sand, loose at end of run
Duration – 1:04:01
Actual distance – 7 miles
RunKeeper distance – 13.52 miles
RunKeeper pace – 4:44 minute/miles


Time of day and weather conditions – 4 PM, hot and sunny, storms brewing
Location – low tide packed sand
Duration – 40:40 (after running 20 minutes with RunKeeper and giving up)
Actual distance – 6 miles
MapMyRun distance – 31.22 miles
MapMyRun pace – 1:18 minute/miles (we rock!)  🙂


Time of day and weather conditions – 6 AM, sunrise and humid
Location – low tide packed sand
Duration – 56:52
Actual distance – 6 miles
MapMyRun distance – 169.51 miles
MapMyRun pace – :20 minute/miles (I totally rock!)  🙂


Whew!  After running and swimming at total of 233.9 miles this week, we needed a drink!


  • Questions:
  • Do you use RunKeeper or MapMyRun or something else?
  • Did you know how to close your apps before I showed you?
  • Whats the most number of miles you’ve run in a week?