Carl’s is an institution in Fredericksburg, Virginia; and yesterday Bill and I stopped by for a treat!  One of my friends told me about this adorable little old fashioned custard stand years ago when I lived in the area, and I remember that I couldn’t wait to go stand in the notoriously long lines for a frozen treat!


Carl’s was opened in 1947 by Carl Sponseller and still has its old fashioned charm.


Limited flavors make the decision even easier.  Chocolate and vanilla for me please!


The employees wear old fashioned uniforms and hats, and couldn’t be any more adorable!


Technically this isn’t frozen custard because it doesn’t have the minimum amount of eggs in it to be called custard, so they call it ice cream.  Let’s just say it’s the world best ice cream!


It was so fun to stop back in for a little treat; although, I had mixed feeling about not “getting” to stand in line.  We were a little early for the after dinner crowd and were served immediately.  There’s something about the anticipation and seeing everyone walk past you with their cone while you wait in line that makes the ice cream taste even better!


  • Questions:
  • What’s your favorite small town ice cream place?
  • Have you ever had authentic frozen custard?
  • What flavor would you get, and would you get it in a cone or cup?