Our family was in Virginia Beach this weekend for a wedding, so naturally we had to go on a twelve-mile destination run along the boardwalk on Saturday morning!  After running on this asphalt trail for about a block, we realized that it was for bikes and we moved over to the concrete boardwalk for the remainder of our run.


It wouldn’t be a Saturday run if I didn’t take at least a few pictures along the way!  Here are Bill and Julie standing in front of the King Neptune statue.


And so I wouldn’t be jealous, Julie took a picture of Bill and me!  What do you think of King Neptune’s six-pack?  Impressive, no?  And anyone that can palm a turtle is a king in my book!


I stopped to take a picture of this old coast guard station located next to a high rise hotel.  The station on the Outer Banks is out in the middle of the sand standing all alone, and it’s quite a contrast to how the city has built up around this station!


There was a porta-potty about every two blocks so I was the happiest runner on earth!  AND… I didn’t even use one!  There were also two public restrooms on our three-mile course, and I may or may not have stopped to use one of them!


We ran past the fishing pier and our legs begged us to run down the wooden boardwalk, but it cost eight dollars to enter.  Since Julie only had four dollars with her, and Bill and I had a combined total of zero, we couldn’t go!


I took a side view picture of the pier so you could see it, and so I could annoy my legs a little more about having to run on the concrete boardwalk and not this soft wooden pier.


I wanted to rent one of these buggies, but since we would still have to work our legs pedaling it, we decided to skip it.  And, there was that little issue of only having four dollars.


Vans was setting up for the 4-Star Vans Pro and Pro Junior competition on the 1st Street Jetty.  It will be running in conjunction with the East Coast Surfing Championships.  It starts on Monday and runs through next weekend.


Pretty cool, huh!


Labor Day weekend Virginia Beach will be hosting the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon.  We ran it several years on a very hot and humid day.  We got to see Hootie & the Blowfish perform after the race on the beach.  It was a great destination race!


I’ve never tried stand up paddle boarding, but it’s on my bucket list.  This guy was working some pretty choppy water at Rudee’s Inlet, and I’m sure his core felt it!


When we finished our out-and-back six mile run twice, our GPS showed we were still a quarter mile short of twelve miles, so we did what any good runner would do and we ran around the parking lot a few times and back down the boardwalk until we hit the magic number!  While running around the parking lot, look what we found… Matt and Kari’s names on the sign!


Fast forward to the wedding, and look at this guy!  Is my hubby the best or what?  Wine refills all around!  After running for twelve miles yesterday morning and dancing for over two hours last night, we needed to replace those calories we were burning!


Sorry, but if you usually get a Christmas card from us, either close your eyes and don’t look at this picture or forget that you saw it, because it will be coming to a mailbox near you in December!


  • Questions:
  • Have you ever been to Virginia Beach?
  • What cool statue does your city or town have?
  • Do you like weddings?