Saturday morning I woke up at 4 AM to get my day started.  Only two things will get me up that early without complaining.  Running and Virginia Tech football…


We rolled into Blacksburg at 9:30 AM on a perfect fall day for the 1:30 PM kickoff.  We tailgate with several other couples that we were friends with when we were at VT, but only three couples were at Saturday’s game.  Three couples and lots of students!  We got our tailgate set up early, but forgot our generator so we weren’t able to blow up our two 8-foot tall Hokie Birds.  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Anyone that has a VT brownie pan and bought a beat-up lunch pail off eBay surely has at least one inflatable Hokie Bird (Rhonda has the other one).


My VT readers will appreciate the “Lunch Pail” that I scored on eBay!

I think you’ll get a kick out of this…  Rhonda (my Hokie twin) and I were the totally non-partiers in college and she was my partner in crime with starting the tequila shot tradition for our tailgate.  Rhonda and I hand out shots of tequila with lime and salt.  After the person with the biggest mouth leader screams, “LET’S GO!” followed by the crowd screaming, “HOKIES!!!” three times; we all take our tequila shot as Enter Sandman starts playing on our sound system.  We have this down.


My Hokie twin Rhonda is wearing the #1 jersey and her hubby Steve (who was Bill’s VT roommate) is standing behind her.  They started dating a week after Bill and I did.  Isn’t that sweet!  Please note that I am NOT wearing socks with my Sperry’s.  Those are my white runner’s feet blinding you!

TailgateCrewPlease don’t tell anyone, but we left the game early because we wanted to go see my parents while we were relatively close by.  Mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday in person.  Along the way, we stopped and got these tulips for her.


We had a great visit with my parents and headed home today.  When we stopped in Blacksburg to drop Julie back at school (she’s working on her master’s degree), we went to Kobe for lunch!


I always get shrimp and scallops… so predictable, but oh so good!


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