This evening’s post is a review of my previous week with lots of pictures and very few words…

I met Cody, the Siberian Husky, on my neighborhood trail for the first time this week…


And then tripped over this ice formation in the tunnel.  The tunnel is dark so I couldn’t see the ice without my camera flash.


It’s taken about six months for this restroom at the park I run though to be built and it’s still not open…


Joseph and Daniel picked up Inca Kola at the local Peruvian chicken place.  It’s like bubble gum in a can!


I cross-trained on my spin bike twice this week…


Thursday night we celebrated Daniel’s 24th birthday at our local Japanese Steak and Seafood House.  Yes, my baby is 24…


Friday morning Bill and I met friends at Starbucks at 6:30 for coffee hot chocolate…


And later stopped at Subway for lunch before running errands.  We usually share a foot-long turkey and ham…


Friday evening we celebrated my one-year blogiversary with lemon drop martinis and good friends.  I don’t like to brag, but I make the world’s best lemon drops!  Bill was kind enough to take a couple of artsy photos for me!


Photo courtesy of Bill


Photo courtesy of Bill

Saturday morning I ran with two other Cruisers…


Posing with Jerome and Beth on a dry section of pavement…


Hand placement is everything!


This afternoon I made this calorie-laden dip for the Super Bowl  It’s become a family tradition to have this Tex-Mex dip.  Tomorrow I will return to eating healthy…


It’s time for me to end this picture show and go watch the Super Bowl.  We’re cheering for the Broncos since we lived in Denver when were first married.  I’m also pretty excited to watch the commercials and the half-time  show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers!!!


  • Questions:
  • Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl?
  • What’s your favorite football food?
  • Are a Chili Peppers fan?